About Us

Our history

Passionate about design and handcraft, Hannia was born in Cartagena, Colombia and studied law in Bogota( the capital). A couple of years later she returned to her hometown where she got inspired by the colorful romantic corners of her city. After working some years in fundraising, she decided to start a project where she could gather a group of talented artisans from across the country and support them through fashion-oriented products. Hannia believes in making our artisans and craftsmen valuable and successful people in society, who deserve the opportunity to show their potential and versatility throughout pieces made with natural fibers from endemic species of our landscape and transforming them into luxury and contemporary pieces, offering tropical-inspired handmade hats (100% toquilla), beach bags and resort wear.

about us

Our values

For us, our work values rely on fair work and proper recognition of our artisans who tell their stories and share our culture to the world.

Each piece of Hannia Char has a story to tell, in the form of unique, fun and versatile accessories, created to reflect unique looks.